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Proudly serving our Customer base for 15 years!
Small tools (including grinders, circular saws, cordless tools etc. - $30.00 (We will not charge you if we indicate the tool is not worth repairing upon arrival and giving it a quick check.)
Stationary and bench top tools - $40.00 minimum.
Rotary Hammers and other complicated tooling - $85.00 minimum.
Some exceptions apply.

Diagnostic Fees are included in your repair when service is performed by Tolhurst Power Tool Repair! Diagnostic payable upon tool drop off.

Repair Labour:

$80/hr on most small handheld power tools, stationary power tools.

$85/hr on most electric/battery operated Outdoor power equipment and specialty items.

***Tools diagnosed but not repaired will not be reassembled even if requested due to Liability


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